There is a god – it’s you!

There is a god – it’s you!

The meaning of the new physics transforms not only the nature of the world but the nature of ourselves. This is the great scientific revolution of our time. It means one is far more directly connected to the world than we could possibly have imagined. The realisation of this knowledge gives rise to empowerment, freedom and calm delight. Dare to know!

Quantum Theory

Quantum theory works perfectly, but a hundred years on there is still no agreement about what this means about the nature of the world. Recently, new experimental evidence has revealed that the world is only ‘determinate’, physically real, where you have observed it. This resolves the famous paradox, the ‘measurement problem’, but it is not taken seriously because it is just too fantastic. This, however, is exactly what happens with each major scientific revolution, as described by the philosopher of science Thomas Kuhn. His key concept is that major scientific discoveries about how the world works are always hugely resisted.

Scientific Revolution

This is what is going on now. As stated by the remarkable physicist Heinz Pagels:

We live in the wake of a physics revolution comparable to the Copernican demolition of the anthropocentric world – a revolution which began with the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics in the first decade of this century and which has left most educated people behind. (1982)

But once again the meaning of this revolution is so profoundly disturbing that we have been unable to come to terms with it. As stated by the physicist Christopher Fuchs and his colleagues:

This means that reality differs from one agent to another. This is not as strange as it may sound. What is real for an agent rests entirely on what that agent experiences, and different agents have different experiences. (2013, 3)

But this new perspective is generally ignored. What I have shown is that if the quantum theory is taken at face value this is the inevitable conclusion.


I have also demonstrated that a most remarkable implication follows directly on from that. In this kind of personal world one is constantly, unconsciously, interacting with the destiny. When expectations induce confirmation bias and observations are altered, the result is the creation of ‘strange attractors’ – system tendencies – that result in the expectations being more likely to be encountered. I find the potential responsibility frankly terrifying, but there is a major upside. We can take control of this situation by directing this process consciously.

The new age idea of the ‘law of attraction’ holds that what you visualise is drawn toward you. It does not work like that, but it still works. As is well known, visualisation brings about increasing expectation. Expectation causes confirmation bias, which induces the strange attractor, and this induces the strange attractor in your world, the tendency to gravitate towards such versions of the future. It is not that the things you visualise are attracted to you, but that you alter the path your personal world is likely to take into the future. So in your personal world it’s as if there is a god, and it’s you!

This is only one of the remarkable implications emerging which transform the meaning of life. My intention is to make these concepts fully available so that everyone can enjoy the benefits. This is the first in a series that will describe all this with the absolute minimum of physics required to make it all make sense. Stay tuned!


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