The New Culture

As has been described, one is very closely connected with one’s personal world. And karma means that the way one operates, and even what one intends are programming the future of this world. So when we understand the nature of the personal world, we are very much more inclined to live a life of enlightened self-interest. And when we understand the drastic implication in regard to the next life, we urgently wish to do so if we can. The result is the transformation of human nature – evolution beyond egoism.

It is a cultural revolution as well as a scientific revolution. This is the cure of our current global malaise, if we can take it up.

Inherent Morality

As described in Quantum Karma, to die in this world is to pass on to another world in the quantum universe. It could be anything, a heaven or a hell. And it all depends on how one has lived this life, just as held in the traditional religions. They were right, even if for the wrong reasons.

This means there really is an inherent morality. But this has none of the connotations of ‘moral absolutism’, an objective standard handed down from on high. It is just a fundamental operational principle of a personal world. The world is defined by the record of observations, and that defines the karma.

Logically, any outstanding balance of karma is reckoned in full at the end of the life. That is the really scary thing about death. The full force of karma happens in the way the likely next world is defined by the actions and intents in this lifetime. All of the karma takes effect all at once because the record of observations is the only thing that defines which version of the next world is experienced. The type of world in which one will find oneself is simply the closest match to the type of events one has brought about in this life.

Just as held in all the major spiritual traditions, how we live determines what the next world will be like. And while one might be able to cheat karma in this life through power and position, the whole of the deferred karma operates in the transition to the next life.

In the light of this knowledge, altruism as a fundamental norm in society is the rational expectation. Both of oneself and of others. And this time around, this is the case on a purely rational basis – that is also highly emotive. In purely logical and selfish terms, enlightened self interest is the only intelligent approach to life. Otherwise one is constantly poisoning one’s future. And the future is unlimited.

The Higher Self

The personal world is determinate, real, only where you have observed it. And this of course is why your observations are of such extraordinary significance. But the full implication is truly extraordinary. Your world is entirely defined by your observations, your memory. And everything else is indeterminate, unreal. Your memory is the definition of the physical reality in your personal world.

It is in this sense that you are the world. As the great physicist Erwin Schrödinger stated, quoting the Vedas of ancient Hindu literature: “I am the entire world” (Moore, 1989). The new physics shows us this is literally the case.

It does not feel like that, of course. One feels separate and tiny. But it is not that one is at cause in defining the world. And the real objective world is of course real ‘out there’. It is simply that the personal world, what is real for me, and the self have the same definition. It is in this sense that you are the entire world. The personal world and the personal self are one and the same thing.

As Above So Below

The full meaning is very helpful because this is the origin of the great empowerment. We have mostly been asleep to our potential. This explains the reality of ‘As Above So Below’.

The ancient concept of ‘Macrocosm Microcosm’, or ‘As Above So Below’, is the mythical idea that the world reflects the individual nature. And vice versa. When the macrocosm is the personal world, the myth is simply correct. The world is defined by the memory of this individual. All else is unreal. In this sense you are the world, as Krishnamurti states, quoted in The New Enlightenment. And this explains the truly extraordinary implication. As he goes on to say:

As the world is yourself, in the transformation of yourself you produce a transformation in society (ibid)

In other words, as above so below is how this world works.

This is why karma is a real phenomenon. Good actions generate good futures for this world. And bad actions bad ones. The way you treat the world is the way this world treats you. Because it is all you.

If the human culture can evolve to adopt this new type of identity, we arrive where Alexander King directs us. This is the spiritual transformation. The mechanism is inherent in the logic. Macrocosm Microcosm is shorthand for the reality of karma and immortality

In this discovery a powerful inherent morality is revealed. Enlightened self-interest becomes the only rational life position. If this can become a natural and generally accepted principle, a new human culture of enlightenment is the result.

Time to be Good!

This type of morality was the generally accepted and expected default in times past. This is the sine qua non of small communities. This is reinstated without the dogma. It is reformulated in a new context by the new worldview.

When we evolve to having this type of identity as our baseline, we return to the efficiency of the small group, but with all the resources of the world at large. A new age is born. There is nothing we cannot do. Giving everyone a decent standard of living is just the first step. Along with having a population the environment can support.

A culture of such self aware entities is a very different culture. The common understanding is that we are all beginners, newbies, and there is an eternity ahead.

The natural response is obvious. We all want to well in the next world, especially if this lifetime has been a bit of a hell. We would very much like the next world to be as heavenly as possible. Enlightened self-interest is the path. The consequence should fulfil King’s requirement.

This is the inner transformation. This is the evolution beyond the egoism that has always motivated every individual. In the new culture of such individuals, a new kind of identity becomes the norm.

In this new identity one is empowered and one is responsible. And immortal. And if one is wise one is kind. Thus a much ‘greater’ identity emerges, as described in The Higher Self.

A culture of such individuals will be very different. Life really is a game. And to win all we have to do is live a life of right action, a life of enlightened self-interest. The race of such individuals will truly have unlimited potential.

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