The New Culture

When we understand the nature of the personal world, we are very much more inclined to live a life of enlightened self-interest. The way we behave, and even the way we think are programming the future of the personal world. But we are going to need a broad and radical shift if we are to snatch salvation from the jaws of the ongoing cultural and ecological breakdown that threatens our prosperity and even our survival.

As Alexander King states, quoted on the home page, the wisdom we desperately require can only come through inner transformation. He goes on to describe a possible avenue of approach

… we should strive, through deliberate efforts of inner development and new insights into consciousness and the working of the mind, to cultivate an enlightened communal sense. This seems the only hope of breaking the impasse of both great danger and great promise, in which mankind is presently constrained. (2006, 22)

As he states, quoted on the previous page The New Enlightenment, religions have tried to cultivate an enlightened communal sense with very little success. But an extraordinary inner development is the direct result of the new worldview. The type of communal sense fundamental to life in small isolated societies follows naturally once the immediacy of the connection between self and world is recognised. But there is a further extraordinary revelation which adds greatly to this.

King’s instincts were right on target because the the new insight into the nature of consciousness is may truly turn the tide on the egoistic culture. As described in Consciousness, the experiencing consciousness is an attribute of the universe itself. It is ‘universe consciousness’. And this opens the door to a type of physical immortality. And karma is involved.


As the AI specialist and futurist Hans Moravec states, when we die:

We lose our ties to physical reality, but, in the space of all possible worlds, that cannot be the end. Our consciousness continues to exist in some of those, and we will always find ourselves in worlds where we exist and never in ones where we don’t. (1998)

In principle, this is by definition the case. In the universe of all possible worlds, there has to be one in which my world hologram is somehow reproduced. The consciousness he is referring to in this context is the perceptual reality, the world hologram. Thus it is the world hologram, the mind, that effectively passes from one lifeline to the next. Turns out the mind is the immortal soul.

Without question this other world fantastically unlikely, but that makes no odds. In the space of all possible worlds, it must occur as Moravec states. It is real because all possibilities exist in the quantum universe.

The only thing missing here is how the consciousness would pass from one world to another. This is where the nature of consciousness is the key. The consciousness always continues. So the consciousness will always go on to experience a next moment, somewhere in the space of all possible worlds. Which is what Moravec is describing

With respect to the nature of the new culture there is one central implication. As described in Life After Death, heaven and hell are real conditions. Which version of the next world is experienced is determined as the karma of a lifetime is enacted.

The New Enlightenment

This changes the bowling. The real and terrifying power of karma is how it shapes which world one will arrive in next after death. Just as held in all the major spiritual traditions, how we live determines what the next world will be like. And while one might be able to cheat karma in this life through power and position, the whole of the deferred karma operates in the transition to the next life. The type of world in which one will find oneself is simply the closest match to the type of events one has brought about in this life.

In the light of this knowledge, altruism as a fundamental norm in society is reborn, this time on a purely rational basis. In purely logical and selfish terms, enlightened self interest is the only intelligent approach to life.

If the human culture can evolve to adopt this new type of identity, we arrive where King directs us. In the light of karma and immortality there is an inherent morality. Enlightened self-interest becomes a natural generally accepted principle. The new enlightenment of the human culture is the result.

This type of morality was the generally accepted and expected default in times past. This is reinstated, without the dogma. When we evolve to having this type of identity as our baseline, we return to the efficiency of the small group, but with all the resources of the world at large. A new age is born. There is nothing we cannot do. Giving everyone a decent standard of living is just the first step. Along with having a population the environment can support, of course.

A culture of such self aware entities is a very different culture. We all know we are beginners, and that there is an eternity ahead. We all want to shape our personal worlds so that the next world is as heavenly as possible. This should fulfill King’s requirement. This results in inner transformation, and evolution beyond the egoism that has always motivated every individual. A new kind of identity becomes the norm. One is empowered and one is responsible. And immortal. It is awesome. And terrifying of course for we will each be thrust into a new environment at the end of life. Life goes on, which is a wonderful challenge. But we still give up what we have. But if we build a superb ideal as the hope and expectation, this becomes ever increasingly likely. There is a fascinating and absorbing occupation for the elderly in the third phase of life. Planning your best next life.

So the new worldview brings us to a much greater identity, and a vastly greater future. And a culture of such individuals will be very different. Life really is a game, and to win all we have to do is live a life of right action, a life of enlightened self interest. The race of such individuals will truly have unlimited potential.