Quantum Trinity

Quantum Trinity

A number of highly significant myths are borne out by the new science. The world hologram is the soul – it is literally what has continuity from one lifetime to the next. The experiencing consciousness is literally spirit, that which breathes life into the physical world. Just as there are three principal components in the operation of a movie film, of different logical types, so too the same three levels of logical type are present in the operation of reality. What is more they are faithfully represented in mythic form in the great trinity of religious and spiritual tradition.


As stated by Gilbert Ryle:

A myth is, of course, not a fairy story. It is the presentation of facts belonging to one category in the idioms appropriate to another. To explode a myth is accordingly not to deny the facts but to re-allocate them. (1949, 8)

As shown here, the great myths of immortality, soul, spirit, and the inherent morality of karma are simply the facts of reality, expressed in the idioms of folklore and religion. On this page the greatest myth of all is exploded. The material on this page draws on the principles described in QBism, Interactive Destiny and Quantum Karma.

The Original  Trinity

Nowadays the concept of the great trinity is that God is three consubstantial persons. But the original idea seems to have been much more generic. Tertullian, who may be considered to be the father of Latin Christianity, held that the Gnostic trinity is a doctrine of three natures. As stated by James M. West in his article On the Gnostic Trinity:

Tertullian’s description of the Gnostic “trinity” shows no connection with the three persons but instead refers to a doctrine of three natures. What Tertullian actually describes is a Gnostic doctrine which maintains that the universe is comprised of three fundamental substances or natures, which are identified as spirit, soul and matter (2009).

These three different natures are of course what are described here as the three fundamentally different types of phenomena, meaning of three different logical types. The matter is the physical universe, the spirit is the moving frame of reference, and the soul is the transtemporal reality of the world hologram that results in the experiencing of the physical universe by the spirit.

The three different levels of logical type comprise the operational system, just as with a movie film being played. The information field of the world hologram, the second-logical-type phenomenon, is iteratively updated, by the moving frame of reference, the third-logical-type phenomenon. The many-worlds reality is composed of all things physical, atoms, molecules, planets, worlds. This is the primitive, first-logical-type phenomenon.

The Holy Trinity

As shown on the main pages, the trinity of logical types form the operational structure of existence at large. The physical world is like the frames of a universal movie. Each frame is a four-dimensional space-time frame of reference, defined by the world superposition, a many-worlds reality snapshot. This may very naturally be called God the Father. This is the totality of all existence, the universe itself. This provides the first, primitive logical type: every possible moment, laid out in the space of all possible worlds. Consciousness is a fundamental property of this totality. This corresponds precisely to God the Holy Spirit. It is literally the spirit of the whole because holy means of the whole, and spirit means that which brings to life. It is that property of the whole that breathes life into reality, by iterating the moments. It is to the physical reality as the projector is to the frames of the movie. It is of the third logical type. Thus there are three natures, three utterly different types of things.

These are also the logical types of the person. The body, here the body-mind, is the first logical type component of the system. The soul, here the world hologram, is the second logical type component because it is transtemporal. Nothing else is. As Deutsch emphasises:

It is often said that … our consciousness is sweeping forwards through the moments. But our consciousness does not, and could not, do that. … Nothing can move from one moment to another. To exist at all at a particular moment means to exist there for ever. (1997, 263)

This is precisely true of access consciousness, psychological consciousness. This is all where it is for ever. It is only the progressive experience of the time evolution of the world hologram, as experienced by the phenomenal consciousness, that sweeps forwards through the moments. Just as a computer program runs, and a virtual character comes to life, our bodies are formed in the frames of the movie of life. But our higher selves, holographic fields of information, fully defining everything one currently knows oneself to be, are the movies of life, empowered and eternal.

Each living inside view, each reality ‘in here’, is brought into existence by the interaction of the Spirit with the Father. Perhaps most challenging of all, this corresponds to a God the Son, literally a product of this interaction, a child process in terms of information technology. This, of course, is a phenomenon of the second logical type, the ongoing sequence of moments, a movie of life in action. Every perceiving subject, male or female, human or not, is a God the Son. (The body-mind is not a God the Son, only the higher self, the world hologram. This is the distinction described in The Higher Self.)

So the Holy Trinity is none other than the trinity of fundamental logical types. Incidentally, Ryle was debunking the concept of mind as something other than the brain: the longstanding concept of body-mind dualism. However, as we now see, the body is first-logical-type, the mind, taken to be the world hologram, is second-logical-type, and consciousness is third-logical-type. There is not just a dualism but a trinity.


Although the great triune myth is a deep insight into of the nature of reality, just the opposite is the case with dogma. Dogma is shown to be inherently false, by definition. Dogma is defined as a statement about the facts of reality that has no evidence in reality. But in the world one is experiencing, amidst the universe of all possibilities, only that which has been observed is determinate; and everything else is indeterminate. By definition, dogma is not backed by any observations. So, whether a specific dogma is true or not, is not just uncertain; it is indeterminate. In other words, it is simply wrong to say it is definitely true. Ironically therefore, the claim that a dogma is definitely true, defines it as false. Certain spiritual principles dovetail precisely with accepted scientific fact, a body of knowledge that is all based on extensively-researched and well-documented observations. It turns out that certain myths are directly borne out by these principles. As we have seen, they are in fact fundamental principles of reality, expressed in the idioms of more primitive cultures. But it is only these principles that are confirmed.

Quantum Mysticism

Quantum mysticism is a derogatory term sometimes used for explanations of spiritual and religious beliefs based on quantum theory. In particular, the idea of consciousness being relevant to the science of how things actually happen has been scoffed at as ludicrous. But as shown here it is not only relevant but essential. The moving frame of reference is specifically required, and we know from direct evidence that this is the frame of reference of consciousness.
As analysis in terms of logical type shows, in order for the static layout of physical reality to come to life, a phenomenon of the third logical type must be at work. As Weyl states, consciousness solves the great paradox; this is how reality actually works. Mystics get the last laugh. It turns out the great spiritual leaders of the ages were not just escapist romantics; they really did discover truths that have eluded us until now.

We have got so used to dismissing everything about the ancient religions in our cynical modern culture that it may seem that all this cannot be right. However, as Professor David Wallace of Oxford University dryly states in this regard:

Our intuitions about what is “reasonable” or “imaginable” were designed to aid our ancestors on the savannahs of Africa, and the universe is not obliged to conform to them. (2010, 69)

Our minds, like our bodies, are the products of lengthy evolution. The reality defined by the new physics has been unimaginable, but it is very important to realise that this is a problem with our imagination, and our worldview, not the physics. This does not, however, mean that the tide of irrational new age ideas associated with quantum theory has any validity. Some, however, are exactly right.

The Immortal Soul

The Gnostics held that the soul is immortal. In the current paradigm that appears ludicrously optimistic given the problems with the idea in the standard framework. In the light of modern science, immortality sounds like wishful nonsense. But as explained in Quantum Immortality this is the automatic conclusion from quantum theory in the light of three logical types. Hugh Everett, the author of the many-worlds theory, intuited that quantum theory guaranteed everyone immortality, and in the light of the trinity of logical types, he was absolutely right.

The entity that passes from one lifetime to the next is not of course the body but the experience of the world hologram in consciousness. It is the 4D holographic movie that passes from moment to moment, and from lifetime to lifetime.

The reality you are encountering is the four-dimensional space-time, matter-and-energy movie of life. Consciousness is the third-logical-type phenomenon of the universe, the moving point that brings reality to life. This is what breathes fire into the equations to answer Hawking’s famous question. Taken all together with the body that instantiates the world hologram at any given moment, this is the perceiving subject. It is triune, three in one. This is why the subject is in a direct and immediate relationship to reality, in a way that seems utterly bizarre to our present worldview.

The body is indeed what you are, but the world hologram is also what you are, and you are the experiencing as well. You are the movie of life, and, at a different level, the experiencer of the movie. You are at cause. You are constantly engaged in interactive destiny, shaping which version of events, all over the world, you are likely to observe taking place. As the world hologram in the experience of consciousness you are immortal. The world hologram is the soul of the great myths.

We stand on the brink of a revolutionary change to our understanding of reality, possibly the greatest of all time. It transforms not only our concept of the world but also our concept of ourselves. And it is knowledge with immediate everyday benefit to all. You are immortal: the world hologram spans lifetimes. Interactive destiny, the ‘karma’ of tradition, is simply the effect of Strange Attractors. These are not just lucky guesses by our ancestors. There is truth in certain great myths.