Human Being 2.0

Human Being 2.0

The next great step in human evolution is not a physical development. It is coming to terms with the extraordinary, personal nature of the real physical world. This is the conceptual revolution that resolves the great paradoxes of the new physics. The result is a different relationship to reality, and a different kind of relationship to each other also.

As stated by von Baeyer (quoted in Universe Superposition) there are deep things that our physics is urgently trying to tell us about our world. The facts of the new physics define the physical world as deeply personal, and the implications are electrifying. The world is personal, and karma is a real phenomenon. Thus there is an inherent morality as described in Quantum Karma. And this means that selfish cooperation is the only sane way to live life, which is why our relationship to each other is changed. And as perceiving subjects, world holograms experienced by consciousness, we are effectively immortal as described in Quantum Immortality. This is why our relationship to reality has greatly changed. This lifetime is just the first episode in an endless series. All in all our situation is very much better than we could possibly  have imagined. This is the fresh perspective on life of Human Being 2.0.

Solving Problems

Right now the human race is desperately in need of just such principles. We have booted out religion to free ourselves from irrational beliefs, but the baby is gone with the bath water and the global culture is rabidly egoistic. The new understanding restores the humanistic principles as fundamental requirements, not just guidelines but essentials for life. The analysis presented in Avant Garde Science shows we have a huge opportunity, and all we have to do is get the ideas and pass them on.

Our human race is in deep trouble. In many ways we are hell-bent on self-destruction through global warming and general mismanagement. There are versions of the future in which Earth winds up like Venus, with a surface temperature hot enough to melt lead. No more humans. The subject is examined in the page in The New Society. But with this shift in the wind the resolution of all these problems is no longer a complex issue. These problems are generated by rampant egoism, but with this new worldview as our understanding of reality it is in one’s best interests to be a selfish cooperator, which is pretty much the exact opposite. While intelligently looking after number one we also live in a way beneficial to others, or at least not detrimental, as best we can.

Once one understands the new paradigm, the world is in some ways a completely different place. In the current purely materialist paradigm, there is no clear morality, and no intrinsic point to anything. This is all very temporary, and in a little while it is all over as one is annihilated by death. What else to do but party as best one can? He who dies with the most toys wins. But this lifetime is just the intro, the sampler. Compared to what one will become in the fullness of time we are infants, newborns. We will wake up in new worlds, time and time again. There is no need to desperately seek fulfilment of every urge because there will be unlimited opportunities. We are all in it for the long haul.

But of course we are not all in the same reality. We pursue our own courses, and the worlds some of us wind up in will be utterly different, running the full gamut from heavenly to hellish.

It may sound nuts but as has been shown, this is the meaning of the science discovered by experiment. We know the world is personal because this is the only interpretation which fits the facts. Everett, Rovelli and many others have said exactly this in different forms. QBism states it outright, and world superposition provides the explanatory principle. This shows us that with regard to anything unobserved, there are only probabilities of the way things might be. And these probabilities are defined solely by the record of observations. Given confirmation bias on observations, our expectations skew their formulation before being experienced and added to memory. So it is vital to monitor and direct what one experiences and what one observes oneself doing. 

The ‘Do Not’s of the famous Ten Commandments are exactly the things to avoid all costs, even experiencing, let alone doing. In this light, much of our current culture is very out of line with our best interests in every way. Our modern culture with its emphasis on individualism and personal success above all else is not only heading the entire race to a likely oblivion but strongly predisposes us to future lifetimes which are the opposite of what we want.

With this incentive on top of the new understanding, we can finally live up our title of homo sapiens sapiens – wise, skilful humans. We become selfish cooperators rather than just plain selfish. With all this as the new paradigm the global human culture is transformed. It sounds all too good to be true, but this shift is a natural consequence of the new worldview. This is the further evolution of humankind, to the awareness of reality as a personal domain in which interactive destiny operates.

evolution_of_man2-transparent-translucentThis shift begins a new era, one that seems miraculous from our current perspective. The new science is the path to a true adulthood, in which one is responsible for one’s world. Empowered by this revolutionary new worldview we have the potential to move far beyond our current limitations. All it takes is the realisation of the true situation, and a new age of humanity is born, one characterised by cooperation, peace and harmony. In effect, human nature is transformed. In fact, human nature remains unchanged, but it operates on a much wider agenda. We help ourselves primarily, as always, as is only natural, but concern for everyone in the world becomes an equally natural part of the personal agenda. This is Human Being 2.0.