Race Survival Intelligence


Race Survival Intelligence

Physicist Daniel Whitmire argues that species such as ours go extinct soon after attaining technological knowledge. This follows from the emptiness of our galaxy, given standard statistical rules. We appear to be on our own, and that is not good. It means that any beings that successfully get to the stage we are at promptly extinguish their ecosystems.

But the situation can be resolved. The pioneering environmentalist Alexander King defined exactly what we need to do about this. As he states, the only durable solution to our external and internal problems is a transformation of human nature, namely: “… evolution beyond the egoism that motivates every individual” (2006, 22). In other words this is a requirement for our survival. Unless we can achieve this transformation we are going to join the vast graveyard of technologically advanced civilisations that might have been. And this is not just a problem for the next generation to worry about. It is happening now. As shown by this list of the global catastrophic risks we have created we are already in dire need of a change in the way we use our modern technology. As stated by John Holdren in his capacity as senior scientific advisor to President Obama, we’re in a car with bad brakes driving toward a cliff in the fog: “There’s a chance we’ll go over the cliff anyway but prudence requires that we try to stop the car.” (2008). But we go racing on toward doom.

The great majority of the difficulties we see at all levels of society are the products of egoism, meaning the belief that acting in one’s own best interests is the only criterion that matters. The trouble is that this is exactly what got us to where we are now; it is practically the definition of how to be successful. The extraordinary success of the human race would seem to have evolved around a competitive pack-domination hierarchy. This is ideal for villages and tribes in a vast, unknown and likely hostile feral setting. So that is what is required for success across almost the entire span of the history of our development. But this same success strategy, leading to modern civilisation and technology, is disaster for our race in the now very small world of planet-killing pollution and high technology weapons. Predation and competition were vital requirements to evolve to a human civilisation capable of producing high technology. But we need to move beyond both as primary drivers for the race to survive the self-induced global catastrophic risks.

This transformation of human nature seems quite impossible in the current worldview. As King notes: “All religions have, in their purest aspirations, attempted to induce such a change, with very little success.” (2006, 22). So we have ample reason to believe this is an insoluble paradox for a race of our kind, hence an empty galaxy. However, the new worldview brings about exactly the change he describes as essential. We do not really have to evolve beyond the egoism. Just as well since that does seem to be impossible. We are still egoistic, but in the personal world described by QBism the egoism operates on a much wider agenda because one increasingly identifies with the world as a whole. In the personal world defined by the new physics, your perceptual reality is the sole definition of the physical world you live in. This is described in The Perceiving Subject. This means the spiritual gurus saying that you are the world are essentially correct.

In this personal world enlightened self-interest is the only sane option. As described in Quantum Karma, the individual has nothing to lose and everything to gain from identifying with the world as a whole. A new age is born. If this can become the general perceived wisdom, the new current paradigm, the human race will likely live long and prosper. There is every incentive. As described in Quantum Immortality we are effectively immortal, the perceptual reality passing on from one life in one version of the world to another. And the kind of world one finds oneself in is necessarily the one defined by what one has observed in this lifetime. In this kind of personal world in which each one of us actually lives, there is a kind of karma. As stated by von Baeyer, there are things that the physics is urgently trying to tell us, and the implications are deep and powerful. There is an inherent morality.

In view of the evidence from cosmology, this is a matter of the intelligence of the our human race as an entity, meaning the capability to solve problems, adapt and survive, and direct and control. Since it is now not only the community but the race that is best served by a functioning morality, it would seem this is an attribute of the race intelligence. In this case it seems that the pervasive leanings toward morality, communitarianism and spirituality are the race intelligence, emerging as intuitions. These are not just nice ideas by unusual people, this is what it takes for us to survive as a race. Yet more distasteful still to some, no doubt, since effectively you are the world there is an inherent socialism! But this is not wishy washy or inefficient, it is how to make the world work for you, properly. Of course, it does not hurt to bear in mind that if we manage to pull off the impossible, and change the deeply imperilled destiny of our race, we will have an empty galaxy to expand into.