Egoism Morality & Immortality

Egoism Morality & Immortality

As described in The Higher Self, you are the world. This is the inevitable implication of simply taking quantum theory at face value. The opportunities this opens up are staggering. This page focuses on the stuff we need to manage if we are going to do this well. Egoism here means the belief that acting in one’s own best interests is the only criterion that matters.

The Disaster of Egoism

The ordinary self is essentially egoistic, which is exactly how it should be. We are the product of the millions of years of evolution that led to the extraordinary success of the human race. If we were not like this we would not be here. It works. But this alone did not get us to where we are today. In human cultures, the raw egoism of feral instinct is moderated by the effect of socialisation. This is how people evolved to develop packs and tribes which were highly successful. Thus humans became capable of forming powerful and cohesive groups, effective in the human world of packs and tribes, and other, generally lesser, dangers. That is our evolutionary heritage. But in our modern world there are consequences which are catastrophic.

In the modern world of advanced technology we are generally independent of the local group. As a culture we are atomised as Paul Mason and others explain. It means that both the requirement and the ability to modify our egoism to form cohesive groups are increasingly lost. The result is separatism and the breakdown of the natural bonding with those we find around us. At the very point where as a race we could afford for everyone to do well, the wealthy and powerful seem perfectly content to live side by side with the poor and destitute. The reason for this is examined in The Privilege Program. It turns that it is a horrifyingly natural human trait.

The results are what we see. We have moved so far down that path that any sense of morality as a general expectation is generally in tatters. And the world is a total mess. What is far from obvious is that in the personal world of the individual, egoism is equally disastrous for the individual because it pits one part of oneself against another. The result for the person is that life generally seems to be an endless series of setbacks and disappointments along with the progress and successes one produces. The result for the person, holistically, is exactly the kind of world we find ourselves in. But all this is because we have been flying blind.

The Inherent Morality

We have always understood ourselves to be physical creatures. Now, having evolved to discover logic, reasoning and science, we come to discover we are also individuals of a different nature, holographic fields of information ‘inside’ the physical creatures, the observer body-minds. Finally, we also discover the world is primarily defined by this field of information, as explained in The Higher Self. This means there is an inherent morality in reality.

In the past, when there was a generally accepted morality, it has been ‘externally referenced’. In other words, we were supposed to be good because someone or something said so. But as the individual in the many-worlds reality, one is subject to karma. This is described in detail Quantum Karma. This means the enlightened selfishness is the only sane way to approach life. This is how to lead a life without constantly messing it all up. To love thy neighbour as thyself is simply what works. In the past there was no explanatory principle. Now there is. One is a world, and constantly clocking up karma. If it does not detonate in this lifetime, it all takes place in the transition to the next one. In this kind of world one is only acting in one’s own very best interests when one is acting to the benefit of all. This is the path to heaven. The converse is equally true. This is all described in detail in Quantum Karma..

The other great discovery concerns the nature of the experiencing consciousness. It is an emergent property of the universe itself, as described in Universe Consciousness. As explained there, this is the only possible explanation of the paradoxes of relativity. It means the experiencing going on ‘in here’ is like the projector of the movie. It is not just a coincidental property of the brain, an epiphenomenon of the neural network. It is the engine of the universe working. And this in turn means that the individual is immortal. The higher self is the soul. As the individual, therefore, as the higher self, one is empowered, enfranchised, and there is all the time in the world. There is also great responsibility because there is karma, and an inherent morality.

Egoism, the belief that acting in one’s own best interests is the only criterion that matters, is increasingly disastrous for the human culture. As described in a subsequent page, The New Society, it is the cause of our self-induced global catastrophic risks, and if we do not change course drastically we are going to go extinct. But it is equally disastrous for the uncaring individual because karma operates. And although you may get through this lifetime without seeming to suffer the effects, it all takes effect in the transition to the next lifetime, as described in Quantum Karma..


In the transition to identifying with the higher self, the egoism does not actually go away. It just operates on a much wider agenda, the whole of the known world. This is the great discovery of all those who have trod the path of spiritual development to the end. They write in ecstatic terms about the beauty of life and the glory of the world. It sounds so wonderful, but then it never really seems to work out when we give it a go. The trick is to realise that the time frame in operation is vastly greater than we could have possibly imagined.

In the eternal life of the individual, this particular world is a kindergarten. This is where new individuals are formed and begin to develop. In a little while one will be moving on to a new lifetime. In this transition, the properties and the quality of the current timeline, the exact embodiment of the karma in the personal system, will be fully and precisely instantiated in the next timeline, as described in Quantum Karma. So in the vital third stage of life described in Becoming Aware there is not all that much time, and plenty to keep one busy. Visualising how one wants the world to be is an extremely productive activity at this stage of life. Detachment, simply holding one’s ideal as a real possibility in the next life, rather than striving desperately to make it happen now, or resenting this world for not being that way, is very important.

The ordinary ego view of life is tragically different. Death is the end. Life is ultimately pointless. Legions of trees have been sacrificed to explaining how there really is meaning in such a world. No one is really convinced. Eventually the entire universe comes to a freezing stop, unless it implodes in a big crunch. All the rest is silence. And for our brief and meaningless spell, ongoing life is pretty pointless too. You give, and you don’t always get in return. Life is often hard. We encounter some successes, but in time friends die, and good things disappear. Only Mr Bean could be happy as such a being. But of course this is not the whole story. The life of the higher self goes on from world to world, and there are no dreams that cannot be realised. There is an infinity of lifelines in the universe of all possible worlds, the reality of the new physics. There is all the time in the world to realise one’s dreams, and become complete. After that, who knows? All this may seem a godlike illusion, but that is the exact meaning of the third entity in the Quantum Trinity of logical types. The great challenge of incarnation is to know one’s self, as described in the next page Becoming Aware.