Human Being 2.0

Human Being 2.0

The human race has evolved to dominate the planet with modern technology. Call this Human Being 1.0, basically operational, but with severe flaws, particularly self-destructive tendencies. Now a completely different kind of evolution is possible. This is brought about by simply coming to terms with the extraordinary, personal nature of the real physical world. The result is a different relationship to reality, not to mention a different kind of relationship to each other.

As stated by von Baeyer, quoted on the Home page, there are deep things that our physics is urgently trying to tell us about our world. As shown in pages here, the facts of the new physics define the physical world as deeply personal – World Superposition – the individual is immortal – Quantum Immortality – and karma is a real phenomenon – Quantum Karma. Thus our relationship to reality is greatly changed. The latter means there is an inherent morality, and selfish cooperation is the only sane way to live life. Thus our relationships to each other are powerfully changed. And this enables the human race to progress.

This is an entirely beneficial perspective to adopt. As conscious individuals, world holograms experienced by consciousness, we are effectively immortal. And as the individual on the inside view, you are the one who is actually directing the course of events in general. This is a scary level of responsibility, but of course it is also highly empowering. It gives you the opportunity to arrive at the ideal world, eventually, provided you know what to do. This lifetime is just the first episode in an endless series. You just have to refrain from harming others, either by intent or by negligence. Putting it in positive terms, this is simply loving the reality you live in, seeing it as sacred.

All in all our situation is very much better than we could possibly have imagined. This is the fresh perspective on life we arrive at with the full understanding of the meaning of the new physics. It enables us to move on to a new global order of astonishing efficiency and intelligence.

The analysis presented here shows we have a huge opportunity. All we have to do is get the ideas and pass them on. Our human race is in deep trouble. In many ways we are hell-bent on self-destruction through global warming and general mismanagement. The way we are going there are versions of the future in which Earth winds up like Venus, with a surface temperature hot enough to melt lead. No more humans. The subject is examined in Global Warming. But with this shift in the wind the resolution of all these problems is no longer an impossible issue. These problems are generated by rampant egoism, but with this new worldview as our understanding of reality it is in one’s best interests to be a selfish cooperator, which is pretty much the exact opposite. While intelligently looking after number one we also live in a way beneficial to others, or at least not detrimental, as best we can.

With this incentive on top of the new understanding, we can finally live up our title of homo sapiens sapiens – wise, skilful humans. We become selfish cooperators rather than just plain selfish. With all this as the new paradigm the global human culture is transformed. It sounds all too good to be true, but this shift is a natural consequence of the new worldview. This provides a further opportunity for development and adventure, a step beyond ordinary adulthood, in which one is responsible for the whole of one’s world. This is the further evolution of humankind, to the awareness of reality as a personal domain in which interactive destiny operates. This is a quite different kind of thing to the world as we know it. The world encountered is the many-worlds reality, and you are the definition of the determinacy of this world. This realisation produces a Human Being 2.0, a holographic higher self that manages life in a completely different way to the ordinary ego self.


With this awareness, one that seems miraculous from our current perspective, a new era is born. Empowered by this revolutionary new worldview we have the potential to move far beyond our current limitations. All it takes is the realisation of the true situation, and a new age of humanity is born, one characterised by cooperation, peace and harmony. In effect, human nature is transformed. In fact, the egoistic human nature remains unchanged, but it operates on a much wider agenda. We help ourselves primarily, as always, as is only natural, but concern for everyone in the world becomes an equally natural part of the personal agenda. This is Human Being 2.0. By regularly picturing the future one is aiming for, and making it as real as possible, one moves toward it in reality. And by communicating the rationale we evolve the effect. The conceptual revolution is born, and a new age becomes possible.