Avant Garde Science

There is extraordinary news but you may not have even heard about it. Physical reality is bizarrely personal. Your world is determinate, meaning physically real, only where you have experienced it. This is the explicit finding of ‘Quantum Bayesianism‘, the latest interpretation of quantum theory. And recent experiments in physics have now confirmed this. The world is ‘observer-dependent’. After 100 years of frustrated effort the meaning of the ‘new physics’, relativity and quantum theory, is finally becoming clear.

Is this real?

It is tempting not to take any of this seriously because Quantum Bayesianism, now QBism, remains in contention. There is evidence galore that this is the correct interpretation of the experimental physics, but there is no ‘ontology’. There is no explanation of how this comes to be, in terms of physical reality. This is the discovery presented here. The world QBism describes is the effect of the superposition of the physical realities of many worlds, a ‘superworld’.

You Are The World

This is a scientific revolution in the most profound sense, an ontological revolution. As shown here, the direct implication of the of QBism is that you and the world you experience are not separate in the way that seems obvious. Your memory defines your world, and all else is indeterminate.

The Trim Tab

Not just connected but dynamically connected. In a nutshell, the bias on your observations due to conformation bias produces ‘strange attractors‘. These are constantly shaping the definition of the future you are likely to encounter in the Bayesian reality. So in this kind of world you are the unknowing director of how everything turns out, the advisor to the pilot. Like a ‘trim tab‘, the original effect is miniscule but the consequences are global. 

Being Special

The sense that every child has that one is special is soon relinquished in healthy development. We are all ordinary human beings, and we need to see each other as equals. Otherwise the whole community thing does not work very well. But you are special after all, in that this is your world. It is you that are the trim tab of the whole of this world. You are not irrelevant to how things turn out at large. You are one of many in the ordinary world, but you are naturally enfranchised and directly responsible in your personal world. Once you understand this you can make sure to nudge your world in only positive directions.

Winning The Game

These ideas are radical and unorthodox but as demonstrated on these pages this is simply the meaning of the new physics taken at face value. One is relevant, involved and responsible. This understanding fosters a vital reconnection to nature that transforms our natural condition. This shows us who we really are, and how reality actually works. The real possibilities are unlimited. The game of life is much greater in scope and vastly more involved than we have conceived. Now it is time to play with a full deck.

How To Live

This in turn opens the way for an evolution of our global culture because the identity of the ego encompasses much more. Thus the new worldview enables us to live as truly effective and successful societies. Just in time this resolves our most pressing crises. Global cultures of this nature do not fry their planet, or have wars about it. This new perspective shows us in sharp detail where we have been going wrong and how to do it right. Dare to know.


The objective of this website is to form a growing encyclopedia of the new concepts.

The contents are currently grouped in five categories as listed below.

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The New Culture

What it means for the individual and what it means for society.

We are facing the culmination of the greatest scientific revolution of all time. This section describes the way this effects us in our day to day lives. The potential result is a transformation of human cultures to natural and successful cooperation, and thus the solution of our global crises.

The World Hologram

Who you really are

As we all know, the human being is body and mind. But the mind-body relationship is quite different to what we have understood. The extraordinary power of the mind is explained. In the personal world your mind makes your brain work like a quantum computer.

Quantum Theory

The basics of quantum theory, what it really means, how we know, and what it means for us in everyday terms.

Quantum theory defines the matter and energy of the world down at the subatomic level. ‘Classical physics’ is the term used for the science of matter and energy at the level of ordinary everyday reality. The great problem with quantum theory is that it seems to define a different type of world to classical physics, a relative, observer-dependent world. Here the implications are taken at face value, and the cosmology of defined by this type of world is described. It is a personal holographic universe, proof in and of itself. Thus the relative world resolves all the major paradoxes in the physics. The new concept is that both types of world are real, which resolves the famous ‘measurement problem’ in the physics. The dynamics of the new phenomena are explained. In everyday terms this means one is strangely connected with the world as a whole, and one is in a sense the ‘trim tab‘, of the course this reality takes.

Relativity & Time

How reality actually works.

The great paradox of relativity is the passage of time. The physics tells us without question there is no such thing. Here again, when we take the physics at face value the great paradox is resolved, but this too produces implications that are radically incompatible with the current scientific worldview. Unexpectedly, this leads us to a complete and proper definition of consciousness. And this reveals the nature of the spirit at the core of the operational conscious observer.

Logical Types

The explanatory principle that sets these ideas apart from previous concepts and theories.

The technical concept at the heart of the new analysis of the physics is ‘logical type’. This section describes the way in which this makes sense of the paradoxes of the new physics. They arise because of classic ‘category errors‘, assumptions in our current worldview that fail to take into account the logical type of the ontology of the phenomena.

Executive Summary

The whole thing in one go.

You live in a holographic universe. There are simple instructions for managing this type of personal physical reality for optimal success. Societies with this enlightenment naturally operate the kind of humanitarian ethics essential to successful communities. Potentially this empowers our collective intelligence to foster a cooperative new age. It sounds too good to be true but this is just science in action.