Avant Garde Science

The ideas presented here are avant-garde in that they are radical and unorthodox, but this is simply the meaning of the established science of the ‘new physics’ – Einstein’s relativity and quantum theory. Both were discovered in the early part of the 20th century, and transformed our understanding of the universe. But in both these pillars of the new physics there are still huge questions, major paradoxes which have remained insoluble. In each case the problems are resolved by taking the physics at face value, as described here in detail.

This leads to implications which are directly at odds with our current scientific worldview, which is why solutions of this nature have not been addressed in the physics community. The new worldview demonstrated by this avant-garde perspective transforms not only our understanding of the nature of the world but also of ourselves. As stated by Chancellor of Physics Hans von Baeyer:

Flawlessly accounting for the behavior of matter on scales from the subatomic to the astronomical, quantum mechanics is the most successful theory in all the physical sciences. It is also the weirdest. … Physicists have grappled with the quantum world’s apparent paradoxes for nine decades, with little to show for their struggles. The deep confusion about the meaning of quantum theory will continue to add fuel to the perception that the deep things it is so urgently trying to tell us about our world are irrelevant to everyday life and too weird to matter. (2013, 47)

As shown here such perceptions are utterly false. The things the science is trying to tell us are certainly very weird, but also highly relevant to the life of every individual.

All the concepts presented here are based on the principles described by leading experts. No new physics is proposed. This is simply uncovering the vitally important implications in the existing well-established science. Essentially this is a work of ‘applied epistemology‘. The missing key is ‘logical type‘. This is the explanatory principle which demonstrates the fundamentally different types of phenomena involved. As explained in Logical Types, lack of this discrimination is the category error that gives rise to the problems.

Quantum theory defines physical reality at the most fundamental level, but exactly what this means about the world we live in has remained obscure for a hundred years. The extraordinary discovery, recently confirmed in experiment, is that the world we live in is strangely personal. It is a different type of world to the general assumption, and it is ‘determinate’, physically real, only where observed by the individual. Here this is explained in simple physical terms.

In relativity, the natural solution to the great paradox reveals the essence of the conscious observer, and this explains exactly who we really are in a manner both strange and totally familiar. There is vastly more to us as individuals that we could possibly have imagined, and we are greatly empowered as a result.

All together this reveals the full meaning of the new physics. It means that the world is ideal in a manner we could hardly have imagined, and this provides the basis for an extraordinary transformation in human nature. This in turn opens the way for an evolution of our global culture that makes possible the solution of our most pressing problems, particularly climate change and war. This website presents a growing encyclopedia of the new concepts.


The contents of this site are grouped in five categories as listed below.

The New Culture

We stand on the brink of a revolutionary change in the way we understand the world. This is the culmination of the greatest scientific revolution of all time. This section describes the effect on our human culture. There is a dramatic difference in individuals’ lives, and the result is a transformation of human society to natural and successful cooperation. This is why the new physics is such a big deal for all of us in our day to day lives.

Start here if you want the overview of the implications and a new and optimistic view of reality.

Quantum Theory & The Nature Of The Real World

Quantum theory defines the nature and behaviour of matter and energy down at the atomic level. ‘Classical physics’ is the term used for the science of matter and energy at the level of ordinary everyday reality. The great problem with quantum theory is that it seems to define a different type of world to classical physics. Here the implications are taken at face value, and the type of world this defines is described. It is a personal ‘holographic universe’, and this resolves all the major paradoxes in the physics. This also means one is strangely connected with the world as a whole, and this implies that one is in some sense the pilot of the course this reality takes.

Start here for the popular science explanation of what quantum theory really means, how we know, and what it means for us in everyday terms.

Relativity, Time & The Nature Of The Real You

The great paradox of relativity is the passage of time – there is no such thing. Here again, when we take the physics at face value the great paradox is resolved, but this too leads to implications that are radically incompatible with the current scientific worldview. Oddly, this leads us to a complete and proper definition of consciousness, and this reveals the true nature of the operational conscious observer.

Start here if you are interested in finding out who you really are.

Logical Types

The technical concept at the heart of the new analysis of the physics is ‘logical type’. This section describes the way in which this makes sense of the paradoxes of the new physics. They arise because of classic ‘category errors’, assumptions in our current worldview that fail to take into account the logical type of the phenomena.

Start here if you want to know what sets these ideas apart from previous concepts and theories.

Executive Summary

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