The aim of Avant Garde Science is to explain the great ‘scientific revolution’ of our time. When the new physics is taken at face value, we discover that the world we live in is ideal in a manner we have never imagined. The meaning of life is a true wonder. The ultimate objective is that the understanding of this knowledge will bring liberation and empowerment to us as individuals, and usher in a new era of intelligent cooperation in our global cultures.

The Personal World

There is extraordinary news in the fields of physics and philosophy, but you might not have even heard about it. The world is personal, meaning that the physical reality is real, ‘determinate’, only where you have observed it. This is the meaning of quantum theory as described in recent interpretations, such as ‘Relational Quantum Mechanics‘ and ‘Quantum Bayesianism‘. It is not unlike the famous Flammarian woodcut of a man peering out of the boundary of the world to see the true workings. ‘Out there’, beyond the field of perception, the real world is indeterminate.

The famous Flammarian woodcut of a man peering out from the ordinary world to see the true workings.
A coloured version of the 1888 Flammarion engraving.

As the authors of these theories make clear, this means we live in different versions of the physical world. Bizarre as it sounds, this has now been demonstrated in a recent physics experiment. Nonetheless, this is not generally accepted because there is no ‘ontology’, no fundamental explanation. This is revealed by a new analysis in terms of ‘logical type’, as presented here. The practical implication in everyday life is of tremendous interest to us all. It means the relationship each person has with their world is very different to what we have assumed.

Learn more about The Personal World. This section of the site describes the physics behind these ideas. The New Enlightenment deals with the implications for the individual. And The New Worldview deals with the implications for our human culture.

The New Empowerment

That the world is personal is strange and alien enough, but there is an automatic implication that is quite extraordinary. You are constantly steering the way things are likely to go in this world, globally. The effect operates with regard to all events in the world, even those in which you have no involvement. The effect operates unconsciously, but it is possible to take charge and become an active participant. It means that life really is a game, and it is not difficult to win once you know what you are doing.

The process is the effect of confirmation bias due to expectation. In this type of world this effectively alters which version of events becomes real. The causal effect is small, but it operates like a ‘trim tab‘, biasing the way things tend to go. It means you are not irrelevant to how things turn out in the world at large in your personal world. So it is all a bit terrifying. But once one understands this one can make sure to nudge the world in only positive directions.

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The New Enlightenment

The further implication is that karma is a real phenomenon. How one lives, and the kinds of things one does generate unconscious expectations; and this makes it increasingly likely these types of events will be experienced. So if we can take on this new understanding, this restores the morality of by which we generally understood we needed to abide. But there is no dogma. This is simply cold hard science.

This could rebalance our human cultures, and lead to peace and prosperity all over the globe. In the light of this revelation, enlightened self-interest is the only intelligence. We just need to understand our best science, and live up to our highest dreams.

These ideas are radical and unorthodox, but as demonstrated on these pages this is simply the meaning of modern physics taken at face value. This shows us who we really are, and how reality actually works. This new perspective shows us in sharp detail where we have been going wrong and how to do it right. The real possibilities are unlimited. The game of life is much greater in scope and vastly more involved than we have conceived. Now it is time to play with a full deck. Dare to know!

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Scientific Revolution

For centuries, art in the modern world was stuck in literal representation. The avant-garde, first impressionism and then abstract art, broke the mould and ushered in a new age. There is a parallel in physics because the modern scientific worldview has remained committed to the longstanding approach of ‘physicalism’. This means that there are no kinds of things other than physical things. But the new theories by leading experts show that breaking from this mould resolves the great paradox of the quantum theory, the ‘measurement problem’. The result is as radical as Klee compared to Turner, but this is what is required. Once again we are confronted with a ‘scientific revolution’, meaning a drastic change in the way we understand the world.

In the great scientific revolution during the 16th and 17th centuries a new view of nature emerged. We began to look to science rather than religion for answers to our biggest questions. Copernicus removed us from the centre of the universe, and Darwin demoted us to clever naked apes, but this time it is all good news. This understanding fosters a vital reconnection to nature that transforms our natural condition. This in turn opens the way for an evolution of our global culture because enlightened self-interest is the only rational approach to life. Thus the new worldview enables us to live as truly effective and successful societies. Just in time this resolves our most pressing crises. Global cultures of this nature do not fry their planet, or have wars about who owns it.

The objective of this website is to form a growing encyclopedia of the new concepts.

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