Avant Garde Science

The purpose of this website is to explain the great scientific revolution of our time. When the new physics is taken at face value, we discover that the world we live in is a very much more ideal than we have imagined in our wildest dreams. The philosophy of the science of the new physics shows us the meaning of life, and it is a true wonder. The hope and the intent of Avant Garde Science that understanding of this knowledge will bring liberation and empowerment to people and prosperous success to organisations and cultures. 

Copernicus kicked off the first great scientific revolution in Western science. He established that the Sun is the centre of the solar system, and thus the Earth was never the centre of the universe. Scientific infancy was over. A simple astronomical order was established.

The next great scientific revolution was Newton’s mechanics, which means that nature follows rigid mathematical laws at all times. The universe is a vast physical machine. This is the meaning of classical physics as it is called.

Now everything is upturned again by the new physics. The universe is quite different to the classical physics concept we all take for granted. Relativity shows us the universe is a four-dimensional space-time matrix. The past and even the future exist just as the moment now exists. It is all ‘there’. The great paradox is that this means there can be no passage of time. Quantum theory essentially shows us that the physical world is only real where you observe it, yet it is all made of real solid stuff. Once we work out what all this means it has powerful and extraordinary implications for us in our daily lives. The world is not only bizarrely personal but also strangely interactive, and there is all the time in the world.



The contents of this site are grouped in seven general categories as listed below.


The outline of the new physics principles that add up to a different kind of world, and how this affects us all in everyday life
How science changes – and sometimes does not
Carry on here if you want to know what all this means in terms of science, and the implications for the global culture

Logical Types

The technical concept at the heart of the new paradigm
Start here if you want to know what sets these ideas apart from previous concepts and theories

World Superposition

A simple description of the nature of the real world
Start here for a description of how reality actually works. Pages in this section cover the nature of existence and the implications for ourselves and our culture.

The Physics

A description of the analysis that forms the structure of the new paradigm. The meaning of the new physics transforms not only the nature of the world but the nature of ourselves.

Start here if you want the popular science stuff

Interactive Destiny

The scientific explanation of the extraordinary implications
Start here if you want to know how the ‘law of attraction’ works – it is probably easier to understand if you have read the popular science stuff.

Universe Consciousness

How reality actually works. How immortality actually works
Start here if you are at the stage of life where you are getting more interested in the next life than this one


A series that will describe the meaning of the new physics with the absolute minimum of technical information required to make it all make sense.


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