For long centuries, art in the western world was stuck in literal representation. The avant-garde revolution broke the mould. First impressionism and then abstract art ushered in a new age. There is a parallel in the science of physics. To the present day the scientific worldview has remained committed to a type of literal representation, ‘physicalism‘. This means reality is defined by, and only by, physical things. But the revelations of quantum theory a hundred years ago mean that this does not work. As stated by physicist Nick Herbert in his book Quantum Reality:

Wrenched out of centuries-old thought patterns, physicists of a century ago found themselves compelled to embrace a new metaphysics. The distress which this reorientation caused continues to the present day. Basically physicists have suffered a severe loss: their hold on reality. (1985, 15)

Now the nature of the new metaphysics has emerged. The result is as radical as Klee compared to Turner. As described by leading experts, the world is real – ‘determinate’ – only where observed. This is rather nicely illustrated by the famous Flammarian woodcut. ‘Out there’, beyond the field of perception, the world is unreal, indeterminate, mathematical patterns. This is the quantum universe. This is what we have discovered but have yet to come to terms with. A new worldview is required, a scientific revolution.

The famous Flammarian woodcut of a man peering out from the ordinary world to see the true workings.
A coloured version of the 1888 Flammarion engraving.

The Personal World

Now for the truly extraordinary implication, the world is personal. It is real only where you yourself have personally observed it. This is the meaning of quantum theory, as described in recent interpretations such as ‘Relational Quantum Mechanics‘ and ‘Quantum Bayesianism‘. It means we are each in our own version of the physical world. We live in different, parallel realities. Our worlds are very similar, and of course they overlap and coincide, but with regard to the future there may be huge differences.

Bizarre though it all sounds, this has now been demonstrated in a recent physics experiment. Nonetheless, this is not generally accepted or even acknowledged. The main reason is there is no ‘ontology’, no fundamental explanation. This is the breakthrough claimed in Avant Garde Science. The personal world is the effect of being in a great number of ordinary world all at once. The concept is described in The Personal World.

This is of much more than just scientific interest. It means the relationship each person has with their world is fundamentally different to what we have always assumed. The dramatic effect in our lives is an extraordinary new empowerment.

The New Empowerment

The science itself may not rock your world but the automatic implication might. You are constantly steering the way things are likely to go in your personal world, globally. The effect operates with regard to all events in the world, even those in which you have no involvement.

The process is the effect of confirmation bias due to expectation. In your personal world this effectively alters which version of events is likely to become real. The causal effect is small, but it operates like a seed, biasing the way things tend to go. Technically the expectation acts as a ‘strange attractor‘, meaning the system gravitates toward this state.

It is the things we spend time thinking about that generate expectations. Thus, all unaware, we bias our futures toward these kinds of events becoming real in the personal world. The new empowerment arises because we can take charge of this process. One can optimise the future by deliberately focusing on positive outcomes. Positive thinking may seem a bit hackneyed, but this is a simple way to become an active participant in this process.

A more structured approach is ‘creative visualisation’. This is how one can actively direct what is likely to become real in the personal world. It means life really is a game. Finally, we now know how it works. It should be a lot easier to win now we know what we are doing. The mechanism is described in The New Empowerment.

The New Enlightenment

The other extraordinary implication is the other side of this coin. ‘Karma’ is a real phenomenon. This is a longstanding concept of cause and effect in Eastern religions. Good actions generate a good future and bad actions a bad one. Just like the myth of visualisation creating a better future, this is of course nonsense in the ordinary ‘classical’ world of the current worldview. But karma operates in the personal world because how one lives, and the kinds of things one does generate unconscious expectations, and the bias operates.

Technically, the karma is simply the sum of the unconscious expectations. These make it increasingly likely these types of events will happen in your world Inevitably, therefore, they also become more likely to happen to you. So this gives us all a reason to be good. In other words, this restores the moral principles of the great religions, do as you would be done by. But there is no dogma. This is simply cold hard science.

The reason this is so important to us at the present time is it can solve the truly intractable problems in our global culture. This produces exactly the sea change of human nature our modern culture requires. As stated by Alexander King, a pioneering environmentalist:

Any durable solution to [humanity’s] external and internal problems can only come from evolution beyond the egoism that motivates every individual. The wisdom we desperately require can only come through inner transformation. … This seems the only hope of breaking the impasse of both great danger and great promise, in which mankind is presently constrained. (2006, 22)

This is the effect of the new worldview.

Such a transformation is the objective of spiritual paths in many disciplines. Most of us cannot really see the point. But in the personal world there is a powerful motive for this transformation. Enlightened self-interest, meaning doing well by doing good, is the only intelligent way to live. Otherwise you are poisoning your future, globally. Thus it leads toward exactly the transformation of minds that our human culture is so desperately in need of. We become selfish cooperators instead of just selfish.

If we can take on this new understanding there is a good chance our fractured and atomised societies will heal, hopefully swiftly. And the various man-made Armageddons heaving into view will get less and less likely rather than more and more. This new perspective shows us in sharp detail where we have been going wrong, and how to do it right. It gives us a good chance of making a better world of the culture in which we live, and thus surviving this century as a successful species on a viable planet. A glorious new age is a real possibility as described in The New Enlightenment.

Scientific Revolution

The term scientific revolution was coined by the influential philosopher of science Thomas Kuhn. His key concept is that major scientific discoveries about how the world works are always greatly resisted. The concept is described in Scientific Revolution. The latest upheaval is no exception. The radical solution to the great paradoxes – personal worlds – is studiously ignored.

The new physics shows we have to give up the idea of the objective physical reality as the only definition of existence. But this has proven an impossible step for an entire century. Although the different type of world is the only known solution to the paradoxes, it is seldom even taken seriously let alone accepted. However, as demonstrated in the avant garde below, this can be accomplished while still retaining the objective physical reality as fundamental. It is a world of different ‘logical type’.

The evidence is the complete resolution of the famous ‘measurement problem’. But this is nothing new. All ‘relational’ interpretations do that because they are versions of a personal worlds – which solves the problem. But there has been no ontology, no proper rationale. The superposition of worlds provides the missing explanation. This is a , a ‘second-logical-type’ phenomenon, a completely different type of domain. What is more, this also fully explains the ‘holographic universe’, an equally impenetrable paradox in quantum theory. This is new. The Holographic Universe, you saw it here first.

The Avant Garde

The new concept presented here may sidestep the central problem with acceptance. The ordinary world remains the basis of all existence. The personal world is simply explained by the effect of a great number of these ordinary worlds superposed, as described in The Personal World. It means the personal world exists as well as the ordinary world. There is no need to replace or even challenge the basis of the current worldview.

It means that the world as currently understood, the objective physical reality, is still the basic ontology. But there is whole other level of ontology also, at a different level of logical type. This concept is what has been missing from the debate until now. This is the avant-garde bit of the science.

The objective of this website is to lay out the principles of the established knowledge that lead to this new worldview. There is nothing to believe here, or to take on faith. What is presented here is simply a logical analysis which you can follow from beginning to end. You have already seen the outline. This new concept demonstrates the ontology of the personal world as a direct implication of the known physics, as described in The Avant Garde. Graphical illustration of the synthesis of the new ideas is presented in The Movie of Life.


The Personal World : An outline explanation of the physics of the ‘relative world’ of the new interpretations.

The New Empowerment : The nature of the extraordinary connection with one’s world and how to use it to best effect.

The New Enlightenment : How our human culture can be healed and revitalised by the understanding of this scientific revolution.

Scientific Revolution : How new ideas are greatly resisted. And why the new worldview may be more easily adopted.

The Avant Garde: The new fundamental ontology and how this resolves the core paradoxes of the new physics.