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Home : The overview of the new ideas.

Scientific Revolution : How new ideas are greatly resisted.

— — Paradigm Shift : Why the transition is so difficult.

The Personal World : An outline of the ‘relative world’ of the new physics.

— — The World Hologram: The core concept – Everett’s protagonist.

— — — Wigner’s Friend: The evidence from physics.

— — — The Holographic Universe: The evidence by retrodiction.

— — — The Missing Subject : The evidence of the protagonist.

The New Empowerment : The extraordinary connection with one’s world.

The Game of Life : How to make it work.

— — Creative Visualisation : The technology of the game.

Quantum Karma : How you treat the personal world is how it treats you.

— — The Next Life : The personal world goes on. The karma defines the path.

The New Enlightenment : How our human culture may be healed and revitalised by the understanding of this scientific revolution.

— — The New Culture : The human world of empowered immortal individuals.

— — — The Higher Self : The nature of the unseen attributes of oneself.

The Avant Garde: The new fundamental ontology and how this resolves the core paradoxes of the new physics.

— — The Measurement Problem : The great paradox of quantum mechanics.

— — Everett’s Solution : The solution of the measurement problem.

— — Schrödinger’s cat : The famous image of the absurdity of quantum mechanics. And an illustration of the solution.

— — Probability : The origin of probability in the superworld.

— — Logical Types : The origin of the measurement problem.

— — The Block Universe : 4D reality.

— — The Now : The present moment missing from physics, to Einstein’s great regret.

— — Consciousness : The third-logical-type phenomenon.

— — The Movie of Life : Exactly how it all works.

Discussion : Q & A